Monday, September 3, 2007

More Name Calling

Given a choice between having the left wing blogs behave themselves by running a campaign free of name calling and running a campaign where the name calling gets nasty, we would prefer the latter. Republicans can only benefit among Independents who don't want a dirty campaign.

Our job isn't to discourage name calling as much as it is to report on it. We do discourage it by waiting a month to link to it, so that blogs aren't incentivized to call names just to get a link.

Today, two Colorado blogs resumed the name calling. One is so new that it has only 10 posts. It has indulged in name calling in three of those 10, which tells us where they are going. Here is their latest:

Bob Schaffer is a lousy, stinking, good for nothing, unethical bafoon (sic).

Fair warning: If you put it on your blog, we will be happy to quote it if it suits our purposes. We have a theory that candidates can be damaged by tying them to their own supporters' antics. Elsewhere, we said:

Mark Udall has to know that we will be more than happy to link him to his supporter's more colorful and tasteless antics. If he wants to take a ride down a slide greased with chicken excrement, he can't expect to arrive at the bottom without some of it sticking.

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