Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Ride Down a Slide

Not long ago, we found Wendy Norris, a Mark Udall supporter, complaining that she couldn't promote bestiality, sex between sheep and humans (second comment). We wrote in The Colorado Index about the comment and the new state law making bestiality a crime.

The Norris complaint was on a post by Cara DeGette.

Today, in the Colorado Springs Independent, at the very bottom of a catch all essay that mentions Ted Haggard's latest foray into the spotlight, DeGette takes a nasty swing at Schaffer:

Perhaps Haggard should consider moving back to Colorado and challenging Schaffer in a primary bid for the Senate next year.

Lord knows, he has some issues.

It is hard not to think that Ms. Norris and Ms. DeGette have some very serious sexual issues of their own. DeGette and her close friends can't seem to avoid the temptation to write material about Republicans that is, to use a kind word, "strange."

Much as they might like to claim otherwise, Norris and DeGette are not journalists in the traditional sense. They are paid to smear Republicans. Apparently, anything goes.

Mark Udall has to know that we will be more than happy to link him to his supporter's more colorful and tasteless antics. If he wants to take a ride down a slide greased with chicken excrement, he can't expect to arrive at the bottom without some of it sticking.

Anyone who has ever worked with chickens will know why we picked that version of feces. Those who haven't can probably guess at least one of its two attributes: It is semi liquid and the smell is overwhelming.

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