Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So Many Ideas, So Little Talent

It turns out that Jared Polis is officially looking for a logo. He's even willing to pay $200 in prize money for the best idea. Here are a few he might consider:

1. Picture him in a lawn chair under helium balloons trying to cross the continental divide. Each balloon is marked "Amendment 41." Members of the Colorado legislature are on the mountaintops shooting at the balloons. (This builds empathy for Polis)

2. Picture him as a one winged angel standing on a giant sack of money.

3. Superman has a logo and wears tights. Picture Jared Polis in tights. No, on second thought...

4. His two major campaign themes seem to be that he is openly homosexual and that he gave Colorado Amendment 41 without reading it first. Instead of a superman like "S", he could have two interlocking capital "G's," one slightly below and to the right of the other. They could stand for "Gay and Gullible."

Think what we could do if we really put our mind to the task. Only the talent is lacking.

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