Thursday, August 9, 2007

In the Thrall of the Sierra Club

Liberal and Loving it inadvertently gave away the game plan for getting elected in Boulder. It demonstrates better than anything we could write why Mark Udall is in the thrall of the Sierra Club. The author has ten steps, but we will only repeat three of them:

1. Start sucking up to PLAN-Boulder and the Sierra Club. Most elections their recommended slate wins every seat. (So much for Boulder being a hotbed of independent thinkers.)

3. Continue sucking up to PLAN-Boulder and the Sierra Club.

10. And finally, do whatever you need to do to get that PLAN-Boulder and Sierra Club endorsement.

As a bonus, we will throw in another of the steps, just so you understand how sincere Mark Udall is and intends to be:

9. Find a "media person" who will help you write your position papers, answer questionnaires, etc. This is key because you need to tell each group exactly what they want to hear, in a way that you are not contradicting yourself.

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