Monday, August 27, 2007

Tonight's Trip Around the Blogosphere

1. The Rocky's editorial yesterday seems to have shut down the left wing's self-generated frenzy claiming that Schaffer sold his vote.

2. The name calling continues, with three blogs adding to our count today. If the left wing blogs want to sully their reputation with childish name calling, we will help them. The score will go up next weekend.

3. David Sirota keeps rewriting the same post with the same links to his own stuff. One gets the impression that he really doesn't know Colorado all that well. That isn't surprising given that he just moved here. We've stopped following his links out of boredom. He seems to have lost his Gang of Four platform as the Post appears to have shut it down effective August 18th.

4. Sirota was part of the left wing echo chamber shoving the Schaffer stuff along. We wonder if he will devote any attention to the Mark Udall scandal involving $75,000 in union contributions. Will we see strident calls that Udall return the money? Probably not, because ethics and consistency are not strong points among left wing bloggers.

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