Sunday, August 19, 2007

This could be fun

It seems that our step-sister didn't go out of business after all and is watching what we write. We apparently caught them on the blog where they misspelled their own name on their URL.

They have a new url, which we are not providing so as to send you all back through their old one, which has been recreated and links to their new one. It's pretty funny.

There is a possibility that our step-sister has provided a photo. Judge for yourself how ugly she is. Nice hairdo there, sis, though people will wonder about the facial hair.

She has great taste in baseball teams but isn't old enough to have seen Bob Gibson pitch or to have sat behind a girder in sportsman's park. We did both. The game we remember best is the one where Gibson allowed 11 runs in the first inning. He left the game early, and so did we.

Sis says in her latest post:

For all their willingness to criticize I'm surprised they didn't notice I misspelled the URL. So, now it's changed, and I can't notify them as they don't allow comments.

We don't allow comments because someone tried to run what appeared to be a scam claiming to have made money at a site whose url he provided in a comment. We didn't want folks falling for it.

This relationship could be fun!

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