Monday, August 20, 2007

Issues vs. Name Calling Part 1

One of the hallmarks of Democrat bloggers is their tendency to lean on name calling when they are short on issues. We would like to have this election fought out on a higher plane, between a liberal to reliably left wing extremist (not our terms, those are msm and liberal blog terms) Mark Udall, and a Republican, Bob Schaffer, who is much closer to the traditional Colorado center.

We are going to help Colorado Republicans, responsible Democrats, and Independents hold these blogs responsible for their actions.

In order to discourage name calling by left wing blogs, we will be calling attention to it. We won't repeat the names being used or initially provide links, because that would encourage name calling. We will provide a count update once a week, and when the links are at least a month old, we will provide one long list of links.

Of course, our "mean spirited step-sister" starts the count with two separate name calling posts that are actually reprints of other blog's name calling.

That's 4.

Later this week, or more likely early next week we will go back through our Google Alerts for the past two weeks to add to the count.

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