Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democratic National Convention Countdown

The Democrats, led by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Governor Bill Ritter, and DNC Chair Howard Dean kicked-off the one year countdown to next year's Democratic National Convention (full videos of all the speeches at Slapstick Politics).

Funny, though, that the Democrats mentioned picking up seats in the West in the past few cycles, and hope for more in 2008--but fail to plug their Democratic candidate Rep. Mark Udall. Udall wasn't even in attendance, though many other elected Democrats were on hand to rally supporters.

Surprising, given the prominence attributed to the race as one of the most competitive and closely watched in the country, that neither the Democrat's candidate or even a mention of the import of the Senate race itself was made. Maybe the Democrats were too busy speculating on Bob Schaffer's future to remember they have a candidate who was AWOL at a high-profile (if somewhat symbolic) event.

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