Thursday, August 23, 2007

Killing The Economy In The Name of Global Warming

Before Mark Udall and his green extremists force march all of us into an unknown economic future (we borrowed this phrase) he would do well to read the editorial in yesterday's Gazette.

NASA has quietly changed its statistics:

Instead of 1998 being the “hottest year” in the United States since 1880, as some global warming alarmists claimed, it turns out that 1934 was. Instead of nine of the 10 hottest years since 1880 occurring after 1995, four of the hottest years were in the 1930s and the third hottest year was 1921. The 15 hottest years now are spread over seven decades, more than half occurring before CO2’s sharp rise in the atmosphere.

NASA’s error came to light thanks to alert Canadian blogger and mathematician Stephen McIntyre. NASA’s sheepish response was to quietly acknowledge the error, note the correction on a Web site and thank McIntyre for his trouble. The “mainstream” media, which is largely on board the alarmist bandwagon, shrugged off the story.

I used to work for NASA's Michael Griffin long before he went to NASA. I have a couple of Officer Efficiency Reports signed by him, so he would know my identity if he thought about it.

I'm not surprised either that NASA was wrong about the record temperatures, or that it is being quiet about its mistake, and Griffin has nothing to do with that sentiment.

NASA is a political organization. It was before Griffin got there, and it will be after he leaves. It's science is politically tainted, and its scientists are too quick to do and say what its congressional masters want. I saw that first hand in 1989.

Since Mark Udall has oversight over NASA as a subcommittee chairman, maybe he can look into how this temperature mistake came to be and what economic costs the nation will face because of it. Don't hold your breath. The new data doesn't fit Udall's orthodoxy or the snake oil being sold by him and his green masters, including the Sierra Club.

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