Saturday, August 18, 2007

The drummer plays on.

The Democrats apparently think that this blog is effective. They just started a step-sister. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but if past liberal conduct is prologue, we expect to be Cinderella to that blog's ugly and mean spirited step-sister. Is Tim Gill funding this operation, too?

The second post out of the box quoted Daily Kos as calling the Republican senatorial candidate "bat shit insane."

Independents who read this blog will note that it refrains from name calling and attempts to illuminate the issues in a thoughtful and thorough way. While the liberal bloggers work hard to create an echo chamber of innuendo and name calling, we don't source our material from conservative blogs, so you won't see much of an echo chamber effect here.

Our ugly step-sister did help us with our count project in one way. It reprinted a CQ assertion that Mark Udall is a liberal. The Daily Kos did the same thing. CQ's statement was:

Udall is generally liberal, although his record started moving toward the political center once he decided that he would run for the Senate in 2008

CQ provided no facts to back up the last half of that statement. If it is true, and we don't think it is, it says a lot about Udall. He knew he would be too liberal to be elected statewide in Colorado, so when he decided to run for Senate, he began trying to conceal his liberalism. It calls his integrity into question.

Given that this "Mark Udall is a liberal quote" was made by a msm outlet and echoed by two liberal blogs, we think that we can up our scoreboard by three.

We wanted to point out that it will be very hard to sell Udall as a centrist when the msm and Liberal blogs themselves routinely refer to him as either "extremist," or "liberal." We started keeping track and created a scoreboard that links to the sources. Recently, we started linking to our most recent scoreboard post so that readers could examine our methodology for fairness.


Extremist 2
Reliably Left Wing 1
Liberal 9
Moderate 0
Conservative (That would be a laugh)

Interestingly, CQ is the first msm outlet that we know of to make the claim that Udall was "moving toward the center," and they didn't bother to source it. Since they labeled him as a liberal we will ignore their modification.

Added 24 hours later: The blog, udallvschaffer, and its two posts have been taken down. This scoreboard operates like any other, once the game is played, once the posts are written, the statistics remain. You can run but you can't hide, or if you like, you can hide, but you can't run. More... and more...

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