Friday, August 17, 2007

Schaffer and Udall, a Sharp Contrast

Bob Schaffer attended a Republican Picnic in Boulder and said "This is a race we can win" He went about it in his usual positive and confident manner, stressing “lower taxes, more personal freedom, more prosperity.”

Those are the values of the Ronald Reagan version of the party, and those are the values that won and will win again the hearts of conservatives and moderates, of Republicans and Independents, and even of some thinking Democrats.

We first saw Bob Schaffer in his capacity as Chairman of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, a program that accepts both Democrats and Republicans who want to be future leaders. He is a dynamo.

A sign of how well received a campaign will be is the people it draws:

Before Schaffer arrived, county Republican chairwoman Marty Neilson expressed pleasure at the number of people showing up at the picnic shelter on what had earlier threatened to be a stormy August night.

Neilson said she was especially heartened because “there’s lots of people here I’ve never seen before.”

Schaffer is clearly off to the right start. His positive view of the future is a sharp contrast to Boulder liberal Mark Udall who is making a name for himself in Congress and around the state as the candidate of negativity. No way to win the war, no forest roads, no way to save the forests from fire and beetle, no drilling on the Roan, no to an oil and gas economy, and no to keeping Colorado water in Colorado, to name a few of his "No's"

Udall does seem to favor higher taxes and the Sierra Club's attempt to force march the Colorado economy into an uncertain Green future, without regard to the consequences.

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