Monday, August 13, 2007

Caroline Bninski Reports to Jail

Mark Udall and his staff got its pound of flesh on Friday when Caroline Bninski reported to jail. She is the peace activist who staged a peaceful three week demonstration under rules that she had coordinated with the Udall staff.

We at first supported the Udall position against her. Then we discovered that the police were called immediately after she broke the agreed on rules governing her demonstration

If Udall's staff agreed to the terms of the demonstration, and those rules were followed, then staffers had no business testifying in court that the whole demonstration was disruptive to the staff, even if it was.

Since Mark Udall and his staff finds the Constitutionally protected right of petitioning one's government under tightly controlled and agreed on circumstances inconvenient and disruptive, we wonder why he would be running for higher office.

For the record, if Udall's staff had waited as little as 30 minutes to call the police, we would still be on his side and this wouldn't have been written. This whole exercise reminded us of Bill Clinton's Sister Souljah moment when we discovered that there was an agreement and the cops were called only seconds after the agreement was violated. As vicious as Bill Clinton was, Sister Souljah never went to jail.

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