Thursday, August 23, 2007

The DJ Just Shakes His Head

This morning, we noticed that Mark Udall got called a "progressive" by a left wing blog.

Republican Senator Wayne Allard has announced his retirement and progressive Democratic Congressman Mark Udall has a good shot at taking this seat.

Is someone who is "progressive" further left than someone who is merely a "liberal," or are the terms meant to be interchangeable? Republicans don't talk of politicians and blogs as "progressive," so we are posing a serious question this morning.

In the Republican lexicon, politicians and blogs are either "left wing" or "liberal," with "liberal" being far out of the mainstream and "left wing" being comically distant from the political center.

Since the term isn't clear, and since only the far left uses that term to describe itself, we are going to assume that if a blog describes a politician as a progressive, they mean either that he is left wing or that he is reliably left wing. We have the latter category, and that is where we will put today's comment on our scoreboard.

The Mark Udall Is Not A Moderate Scoreboard
Extremist 2
Reliably Left Wing 2
Liberal 11
Moderate 0
Conservative (probably won't happen)

Remember, we only count msm comments and comments from liberal blogs on this scoreboard. A conservative blog could call Mark Udall a liberal every day and would not get included in the tally. Also, we provide links to each previous instance so that doubters can examine our methodology.

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