Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quick Observations

We didn't skip yesterday because we had no Udall news, but because we were working on another, more personal project. If we were being paid to blog, like many of the major left wing blogs in Colorado, we would have had to put blogging first. We don't get paid.

Some quick observations before we go back to our other priorities:

1. The left wing blogosphere has gone dead silent on their claim that Schaffer was selling his vote. That silence started the day the Rocky printed its editorial. Curiously, none have suggested that Mark Udall disgorge his $75,000 in union contributions on much stronger evidence that he sold his vote on an issue that he didn't support.

2. Caroline Bninski only has about 10 days of jail time left. We saw a left wing blog comment that Udall was "moving to the center" by supporting the troops. When we went looking for it to write about it, we couldn't find it again for a link, but it is out there. That gives more weight to the the suggestion that she was set up by Mark Udall and his staff, and that they consider her their "Sister Souljah."

3. We went a whole day without a single left wing blog calling Schaffer a name. Amazing!

Expect more posts at our normal frequency beginning this evening.

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