Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cynical Charitable Gift

Mark Udall is following the lead of Hillary Clinton's campaign and giving at least some of the tainted campaign money he received to charity.

Considering Udall's lifetime commitment to the environmental extremist movement, one might guess he would give the money to them. Or, one might guess that he would give the money to the victims of that movement, the people who have lost homes and lives to uncontrollable forest fires made worse by his own legislative efforts.

In a move that reminds us of Michael Dukakis' photo op ride in a tank during the 1988 Presidential campaign, Mark Udall is giving the money to the Colorado National Guard Foundation. He isn't doing so quietly, either. His campaign told his hometown paper.

For those of you too young to remember what happened, Life Magazine called the photo one of the "100 photos that changed the world." Their take:

Compared with the dashing WWII pilot Bush, the little Dukakis came off a clown, and the photo op blew up in his face.

There are many things a politician can do in a campaign that might seem believable and sincere, even when they are not. The tank ride wasn't believable, and neither is this.

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