Friday, August 31, 2007

Lefty Activist Breaks Rank, Sours on Glowing Projections of Udall Victory

Some thoughtful comments from a reliably liberal Colorado political activist named Jeff Bridges (no, not this guy) have challenged the conventional wisdom on the state's 2008 Senate race:
Pundits across the country have named Colorado's U.S. Senate seat the most likely to switch parties from Republican to Democrat in 2008. I'm not quite convinced.

Republican Sen. Wayne Allard is retiring, and folks in DC believe that five-term Congressman Mark Udall from Eldorado Springs will handily defeat his ultra-conservative opponent, former 4th District Congressman Bob Schaffer....

So they say in DC. I think they're wrong, and Udall's folks have a very nasty and very tough fight ahead of them....

Read the entire post to grasp the logic of his argument. Interestingly, the comments have stirred up efforts from within the "progressive" blogger community to stymie the dissent from their prevailing optimism about Boulder liberal Mark Udall's likely chances to win a statewide contest. (Skip down to the comment section of this diary.)

Bloggers at Schaffer v Udall have been hoping the Left would leave the rose-colored glasses on indefinitely, continuing to overestimate the strengths of their candidate and the weaknesses of ours (continuing to label Schaffer as "ultra-conservative" is one form of denial that's a sure sign of the writer's own leftward political leanings). Perhaps Mr. Bridges' contrarian insights will rouse his comrades into action. Then again, we hope they don't.

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