Monday, August 20, 2007

And The Triangle Player Chimes In

We wanted to point out that it will be very hard to sell Udall as a centrist when the msm and Liberal blogs themselves routinely refer to him as either "extremist," or "liberal." We started keeping track and created a scoreboard that links to the sources. Recently, we started linking to our most recent scoreboard post so that readers could examine our methodology for fairness.

Today's blog is "Liberal and Loving It," so there isn't much doubt that the guy considers himself a liberal.

He was interviewing Will Shafroth and said about him:

The bottom line with Will is, I think, that he is Mark Udall reloaded. A nice, smart, thoughtful person who would do a good job and apply himself diligently. A reliable liberal vote who is unlikely to push much outside the conventional wisdom of this district.

It doesn't seem likely that anyone will take exception to our observation that he is saying that Mark Udall is a reliable liberal vote who doesn't push much outside the conventional wisdom of his Boulder district.

Our count is now
Extremist 2
Reliably Left Wing 1
Liberal 10
Moderate 0
Conservative (Lol) That's "laughing out loud" in Internet speak.

And no, there isn't any hidden message in the title of this post. It just follows the theme we are using for this scoreboard series.

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