Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mark Udall Fundraiser

It looks like Mark Udall will be in Aspen for a low dollar fundraiser this week. We have some questions that we think attendees might want to ask:

1. Udall is currently positioned so far to the left that it is hard to see how he can credibly move to the center where he has to be to win in Colorado. Is there a strategy to do that and is it really wise to wait until the last minute to implement it? If not, why should I be giving him any money?

2. Colorado's motto is "Colorful Colorado," and not because the pine bark beetles turn whole forests orange. Does he believe that the death of the forests around Aspen will add to or detract from the value of Aspen homes and/or the Aspen tourist industry?

3. Does he believe that he or the Sierra Club bears any responsibility for the deaths of firefighters who die in areas where it and he have resisted building forest roads or keeping them open.

4. Is Aspen still being considered as the site of his proposed Peace Academy, or does San Francisco have a lock on it?

5. Is it true that he now regrets orchestrating the incarceration of Caroline Bninski and he would now like to see her sprung?

6. Does Colorado have so much water that it can afford to give it away to New Mexico?

Just trying to help.

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