Saturday, August 18, 2007

Schaffer Exudes Blend of Realism and Confidence on Statewide GOP Tour

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is on the stump crossing the state, speaking to local party groups candidly about where the Colorado GOP is at and optimistically about what it can accomplish. An article in today's Grand Junction Sentinel highlights such a stop for Schaffer along the Western Slope, as he spoke to the Mesa County Republican Party:

Schaffer, who addressed the county party’s monthly luncheon, said the Colorado Republican Party has to figure out where it parted company with mainstream voters.

“Frankly, friends, Republicans, we need to have a candid conversation among ourselves about what it is our party is for and what we exist to do,” Schaffer told onlookers.

He said in light of the Republican Party’s defeats in 2004’s U.S. Senate race between Pete Coors and Democrat Ken Salazar and 2006’s gubernatorial race between Bob Beauprez and Democrat Bill Ritter, some rebuilding is in order.

Schaffer, of Fort Collins, said he plans to travel Colorado over the next several months, “building the base … trying to get our party back up on its feet.”

“That’s a hard thing to say, but I believe it’s true,” Schaffer added. “And I think that even before we get to the point of proposing to take on Democrats, we’ve got to do a good job of getting our own house in line.”

This kind of frank talk is refreshing and necessary after two bitterly divisive election cycles. It helps immensely that the primary field is clear (despite the wishful thinking and hard work of certain liberal bloggers) for Schaffer to carry the party's banner. He's going to need all the time he has to get the job done. But if he stays consistent with his honest, realistic tone and his clear, confident vision, the Republican Party in this state will benefit greatly.

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