Friday, August 24, 2007

Cakewalking Over Coffins

Yesterday must have been a rough day in Aspen for Mark Udall. He had an anti-war protester who was giving him and his staff grief, and doing so effectively. The Aspen Daily News had good coverage.

At the end of that article is the following quote:

Udall "was one of the few congressmen to vote against the war," his spokeswoman Tara Trujillo said later, "but now that we're in it he refuses to stop funding that will protect our U.S. soldiers in battle."

All enemies of the US have learned that if the cost in American lives can be made high enough, the US will cut and run. The political goal of the enemy immediately before the election will be to make the war as bloody as possible in order to try to elect people like Udall. That's not a criticism of Udall, but a fact of life.

If he really wants to protect soldiers, he needs to speak out against this macabre strategy.
He should say publicly and often that he doesn't want his party to benefit from a pre-election period made more bloody by an enemy determined to impact the outcome.

Democrats have cakewalked to power when the enemy uses those tactics and encouraged them through their silence. They are willingly walking to political power on the coffins of our young men and women. It needs to stop.

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