Monday, August 27, 2007

Sure, But Since When Has The Left Actually Needed Facts?

The Rocky Mountain News is running a spot-on editorial today refuting any implication of wrongdoing by Bob Schaffer in relation to a vote he cast as a Board of Education member.

Give Michael Huttner credit. The head of ProgressNowAction, a left-wing activist group, has ginned up plenty of media coverage by alleging Colorado State Board of Education member Bob Schaffer crossed an imaginary ethical barrier that would be impossible to enforce.

Huttner says Schaffer did something fishy when he cast a vote in a dispute between a charter school contractor and Denver Public Schools. . . .

Huttner argues that at a minimum Schaffer should return the contributions from Brennan and his wife, who also gave to Schaffer's 2008 efforts.

Look at the calendar. The Brennans' 2008 contributions to Schaffer came after the board's May vote, not before it.

Like I said, the Left has never needed actual facts to make a lot of noise. Sadly, this is very likely just the beginning of the smear campaign against Bob Schaffer.

And the Rocky is not likely to catch all of the lies. I hope the Schaffer campaign IS.

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