Saturday, August 25, 2007

We missed this one-so no music

A msm outlet called Mark Udall a Liberal, upping our scoreboard by one. We feel a little bad about this one because the author is Robert Novak. Even so, if we are to use our methodology consistently, we have to count it.

This is the first obviously conservative msm author using this terminology. The Gazette editorial writer seems to be more libertarian and is responsible for two votes. Every other mention is from a liberal or left wing outlet or blog.

Colorado-2: Rep. Mark Udall (D) is vacating his seat in this district that includes Boulder, the Northwest suburbs of Denver, and many ski areas. It's a left-leaning district that has always liked liberal Udall, re-electing him with 68 percent of the vote last time. Bush received only 41 percent in this district in 2004.

The Mark Udall Is Not A Moderate Scoreboard
Extremist 2
Reliably Left Wing 2
Liberal 12
Moderate 0
Conservative (don't hold your breath)

Remember, we only count msm comments and comments from liberal blogs on this scoreboard. A conservative blog could call Mark Udall a liberal every day and would not get included in the tally. Also, we provide links to each previous instance so that doubters can examine our methodology.

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