Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Day, Another Mark Udall Lie (or two)

This is becoming tedious. There are actually two Mark Udall attempts to mislead the public today.
Mark Udall's campaign web site has the above graphic. It clearly claims that he has only raised $27,443 in grassroots contributions. If that were a graphic next to an appeal for $10, we might buy it as potentially truthful. It is next to an appeal for as much as $2,300. That makes it an attempt to deceive the public, a lie.
Of course, our favorite unofficial Mark Udall campaign spokesman opines that "a lie is a campaign tactic that someone else doesn't like" or something like that.
The second attempt to deceive the public came in the Denver Post today. It's author was our very favorite official Mark Udall spokesperson, Taylor West. We often refer to Taylor as God's gift to this blog because it is so easy to document the lies.
[ Mark ] Udall campaign spokesman Taylor West said the congressman did not support the 32-year-old ban but also didn't think Congress was justified in overriding the district while the issue was before the courts.
And yet, Mark Udall's own congressional web site refuses to call the ban unreasonable. Indeed, when asked to sign on to a congressional amicus brief to the Supreme Court that advocated overturning the ban he now claims not to have supported, he said:
If the brief stopped there, I would support it without hesitation. However, it does not stop there. Page 30 of the amicus brief includes declarations that “the District’s handgun ban is unreasonable on its face”
The lie is quite obviously documentable when the two statements are compared.


absurdicus said...

Again, "a lie is a campaign tactic that someone else doesn't like" was my characterization of you. Nice bit of lying yourself.

A Watcher said...

I'll tell you the same thing that I said about sisters DeGette and Norris. If you are fool enough to write it, I will be most happy to use it and use it however I like.

You've made yourself a spokesman for Mark Udall. You said it, which you admit, and I am using it.


absurdicus said...

Can you point out where I put those words together exactly? IIRC, my quote was, "Telling a lie is quite a different thing than using campaign tactics you don't agree with"

Have fun with this one.