Friday, March 14, 2008

Wikipedia on Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer

One of the more interesting features of Wikipedia is that it is possible to track weekly visits to any given article.

This week, for example, the Mark Udall article has been visited 2837 times while the Bob Schaffer article has been visited 1797 times in the last 29 days.

A quick look at the two Wikipedia articles suggests that work needs to be done. Someone appears to have photoshopped Bob Schaffer's congressional photo to make it black and white. It seems very unlikely that Congress would be using black and white film or digital photography as late as 2002.

While Bob Schaffer's article mentions Mark Udall, Mark Udall's article does not mention Bob Schaffer. This alone might account for the statistics difference above.

Because it is too easy for both sides to manipulate the statistics, we won't be mentioning them again.

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