Sunday, March 23, 2008

Schaffer Featured in Denver Post

This is mostly a marker. Those who are following the contest will already have read the Denver Post piece.

This author's very least favorite spoiled brat Republican is quoted in the piece:
Because of his term-limit pledge, [ Bob ] Schaffer "was pretty much written off by leadership. In six years, you can't do much," said former Rep. Joel Hefley, a Republican who represented Colorado Springs for 20 years...

There are very few Republicans that this 5th CD author won't vote for. They can be pro-life, pro-choice, fiscally conservative, somewhat fiscally moderate (not liberal).

The one thing that we cannot abide is a legislator who lies to the public on any subject. Joel Hefley did that on term limits, saying that he would vote for them. He didn't. This statement shows he wasn't sincere. He thought he could scam the public and from that time forward he did not get this author's vote for that reason and that reason alone. Consider this implied criticism of Mark Udall. Udall appears to be a less than honest politician, even more so than Joel Hefley.

Contrast Joel Hefley's action on term limits with Bob Schaffer's and you will easily see why we work hard to see Schaffer elected.

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