Friday, March 7, 2008

We Was Fired!

Now comes news that the National Republican Senate Committee will be doing its own blog on Mark Udall. It appears, according to Politicker to be being called It's pretty spiffy, though they are yet to make their first post.

“It’s going to be a truth site of what Mark Udall is all about,” says NRSC spokesman John Randall.

We're guessing that John Randall, whoever he is, thought we told too many tall tales here (chuckle), or that we were costing the GOP and the Schaffer campaign too much money (we do this for free and out of conviction). Maybe they were worried about their reputation (looks around).

No, we weren't really fired (that we know of).

We do expect that the two sites will be additive, in part because there is so much material available that isn't easily presented in a short blog style format. It will be just another resource for us and for YOU!

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