Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boulder Democrat Assembly

Our friend at Liberal and Loving It live blogged the Boulder County Democrat Assembly. He has a lot of good stuff in his live blog. This is a Senatorial race blog, so we will let you meander through it.

Here is what he wrote about the Mark Udall reception:
Does Mark Udall exist? He sent his wife to speak for him - at the county that is his biggest base of support. Mark is apparently over at the JeffCo assembly. The speech is all about how we need a Dem as Senator. And how "we all need" to support Mark regardless of what is said. Interesting not a word about what Mark himself would do...

We're over with the Udall presentation. Ow. The second half was 4 people with pretty generic items about Mark. The response to each was pretty perfunctory except for one presenter when he stated he was one of the lost boys of Sudan, and is now a US citizen. He got a strong emotional response - for him.

If this is the response Mark is getting from the Dems in Boulder who are delegates - he may be in a lot of trouble. We'll all vote for him, but I don't know if he is going to get much passion or effort. There were only 2 people waving Udall signs during the speech - out of several thousand here.

It appears that Mark Udall should have gone to the Boulder Assembly with his touchstone speech.

It is beginning to look as though Mark Udall has a lot of support from the checkbook liberals and not a lot of enthusiasm from the rank and file. Keep in mind that this was written by a Udall supporter.

Isn't it interesting that none of this got reported in any newspaper?

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