Friday, March 28, 2008

Mark Udall, Addicted to Lying

It is hard to believe that the Mark Udall campaign is so disjointed that it doesn't know how often they have been outed as liars on this blog. It is happening again, today.

Let's do some quick and simple math. For the last several reporting cycles, Mark Udall has been reporting raising money at the rate of about $13,000 per day.

That is quite impressive, and the Udall campaign has been touting those figures hard, though not on a per day basis.

Two days ago, we put up a graphic that the Mark Udall campaign has been using to fund raise. It claimed that Mark Udall had raised via the grass roots $27,443.

Yesterday, we checked the graphic again. It was up to $28,888. Today it is up to a whopping $28,958.

Does this mean that Mark Udall will be reporting in 15 days, or so, that his campaign donations have fallen dramatically? We don't think so. It means that Mark Udall thinks the public so dumb that it can't catch him in a lie as simple and obvious as this one.

Annoy Mark Udall today, think.

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