Monday, March 31, 2008

Bob Schaffer or Mark Udall: Which Candidate's Votes Mirror Yours?

Knowing that Colorado's U.S. Senate race between Republican Bob Schaffer and Democrat Mark Udall presents an exceptionally clear philosophical contrast for voters, the Rocky Mountain News is offering an interesting online quiz (H/T Rossputin).

The Rocky has picked 20 issues which you can vote up or down in order to help determine which candidate you agree with more. The results are based on the actual voting records of Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall.

I agree with Schaffer on 17 items, and with Udall on 3 items.

If the Rocky or another publication should wish to sponsor another quiz highlighting the differences between the two U.S. Senate candidates, here's a repository of information on Udall's positions that might bring up some key contrasts.

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