Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm a bit busy today with my private life, so I haven't been posting. I'll be busy tomorrow as well.

I choose to use the screen name "a watcher" for a number of reasons, but anonymity isn't one of them. When I send emails, I always use my name. When I write to others, I tell them that they can use my name anywhere they like, but I would prefer that they not publish it on the internet.

There are too many crooks running around the internet. I don't need to have any part of my body enlarged. I am sufficiently well off that I ignore messages from Liberia informing me that I have won a lottery I never entered and that my very rich great great uncle left me a fortune.

The following people have met me, have participated in meetings with me, or have received emails from me where I have identified myself as "a watcher" and at the same time used my name:

Dan Haley and several individuals from the Post, the Gazette, and the Rocky; at least twelve members of the legislature, including five Democrats; the past president of the Colorado Bar association, Former Justice Kourlis; current Supreme Court staffer Jeffrey Clayton; Dick Wadhams in his capacity as chairman of the Colorado GOP, Greg Garcia in his capacity as El Paso county GOP chairman; Jeff Crank; Doug Lamborn; and Bentley Rayburn.

I would guess that there are at least 200 well known people in Colorado who not only know who I am, they know me by sight. With few exceptions, they wouldn't know me except as a blogger.

With the exception of Jeff Clayton, and the possible exception of Dick Wadhams, I have, at one time or another been publicly critical of every one of those folks listed above. That means that I have written about them in a less than positive light on one of my blogs or, using the same screen name, as comments on newspaper articles.

Every one of those folks, regardless of how hard I have criticized them, has had the class not to put my name on the internet. They also have had the class not to allow their subordinates and supporters to put my name on the internet.

Now comes Mark Udall supporter absurdicus. He can't seem to hold his own in an argument so he decides that name calling will win him and Mark Udall support. When it is pointed out that I have been fighting name calling in the Senate race for months (and elsewhere before that) with a lot of success, he decided to step his own personal Mark Udall slime machine up a notch and publish my name.

I have given Mark Udall a lot of credit, though not publicly (if I had given him public credit, it would have run the risk of undoing what I was trying to do). Because of the way I went after the name callers, I have thought that someone on his staff was asking them to stop. I never linked to the name callers so they wouldn't have known about my campaign and stopped on their own. The name calling literally stopped in two weeks and it stopped across the board (with one outlyer and an occasional outburst that I ignored).

Politicians are known by the company they keep. If Mark Udall endorses the tactics of absurdicus, I'll be sending him down my favorite chicken excrement smeared slide to see how much sticks and what he smells like when he gets to the bottom.

If all of the above folks can endure criticism and have the class to keep my not so secret secret, why is it that Mark Udall lacks the class to do the same?

For the record, I had other things to do today that I didn't get done because I had to do this.

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