Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mark Udall Profiled in the Denver Post

The Denver Post had a well balanced piece on Mark Udall today: Shrewd moves set up Udall's statewide run.

The Post left a few things out. There is much more that could have been written.

As usual, we tried to help them. Our comment is the fifth in line. It lists eight items that they might have included.


absurdicus said...

So, you're not Grandpa McGrumpy? You're really Joel Hefley or are you Dick Wadhams?

A Watcher said...

Throwing your words back at you:

"Beyond ad hominem attacks on my chosen blog name..."

It appears that you feel entitled to make ad hominem attacks and claim to be upset when you think others may appear return the favor.

Our observation that your argument was absurd was a factual statement. If you make absurd arguments, expect that we will quite happily draw attention to them and your name.

Frankly, we would be disappointed if we were thought so ineffective as commentators that no one tried to find out who we might be. You have thus paid us a higher complement than we have paid or are likely to pay you.

Now, THAT is an ad hominem attack, lol.