Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sure Am Glad

After seeing Ben's last post, I am glad that about three weeks ago I took the time to go through the blog and correct our misspelling of Chris Cillizza's name. Oops, looks like I missed one. That will be fixed shortly (chuckle).

More seriously, we do try to influence the Colorado Senatorial campaign. One of the best ways to have influence is to avoid admitting publicly that you have had influence and with whom. We won't be doing much of that.

Those looking for an open source example might consider name calling. Our recent dust up with unofficial Mark Udall spokesman Absurdicus, a lover of name calling, caused us to detail how we had tried to stop name calling by both camps. Others can judge if we succeeded and to what degree.

For those bloggers who come here in search of a model, I'd give the following advice 1) always be truthful; 2) always provide links; 3) know your target better than his staffers know him; 4) let your target(s) and their allies help you develop themes; and 5) work the themes.

You are welcome to browse the blog to see how we try to do each of those things.

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