Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mark Udall, Confused About Where He Is From

Someone pointed out to us that before 2004 when Mark Udall issued a press release, it was always marked "Congressman Mark Udall (D-CO)." After 2004 it was "Congressman Mark Udall (D-Eldorado Springs)."

That suggests that in 2004 Mark Udall did decide to try to run from the Boulder Liberal tag that he had been happy to accept until then.

Excuse us! We had thought that he wasn't running from the "Boulder Liberal" tag, in part because he called Boulder his "touchstone" and because one of his staffers opined publicly that the Boulder Liberal tag wouldn't hurt him.

We've also been told that on his 2007 financial disclosure forms he listed 4346 Prado Drive, Boulder, CO as his home address. On his campaign web site, he claims:

He and his wife Maggie Fox have two children...they live in Eldorado Springs, CO.

Does anyone not see why we have a tag " [ Mark ] Udall as a Liar?"

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