Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Too Busy

Today, a bomb went off in a Times Square recruiting station. Last month, the city of Berkeley voted to oust a recruiting station.

When Mark Udall was asked why he didn't use his position in Congress to try to stop that kind of nonsense, he said, through his spokesperson: "I'm too busy."

Udall spokesperson Taylor West responded in a statement that the ad was "dishonest and intentionally misleading."

"Mark Udall believes Congress has much more important work to do – on everything from the lagging economy, to skyrocketing oil prices, to getting our kids covered with health care, to ending the war in Iraq in a responsible way – than micromanaging the budgets of cities for the sake of political gamesmanship," West said in the statement.

Thanks to Politicker.

This quote is so out of touch with Colorado values that readers should expect us to come back to it several times in the next few days.

Taylor West is God's gift to this blog. We are literally sitting here laughing as we write this stuff and contemplate the possibilities.

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