Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Blue Lie Machine Revs Up

Those prognosticators in other states who have predicted an easy Mark Udall victory rather than a close race might be right after all.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that there is a proposal afoot for two millionaires, Tim Gill and Pat Stryker, to spend $2 million in 527 money this March and April to "step on Bob Schaffer's throat."

They have done it before:

The memo was prepared by political consultant Dominic DelPapa and sent to Al Yates, who wears many hats, including adviser to Pat Stryker, a Fort Collins heiress. Stryker and philanthropist Tim Gill, of Denver, spent $7.46 million in 2006 to try to swing elections for Democratic candidates and causes.

Didn't these same folks try to unseat Marilyn Musgrave by creating a 527 that claimed that she wasn't Pro Life?

The big blue lie machine is going to have its furnace stoked in a big way. All of those do gooders who wanted big money taken out of politics only wanted the traceable big money taken out.

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