Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's NOT Kick Off The US Senate Race

The Denver Post editorial board is obviously becoming bored with the US Senate race. They want the candidates to stop raising money and start spending it. Both would be very foolish to do so.

The post proposed a bunch of their own issues and framed them in a way that they thought would help Mark Udall and damage Bob Schaffer. Where are the conservative issues that Schaffer must run on if he is to win? Judges, Taxes, Spending, Energy prices and production to name but a few. This is still a conservative state.

Let's let the debate be full throated in the fullness of time, but this is January. Write the editorial in June or July, if necessary, and write it about issues that people across the political spectrum in Colorado really care about.

This was a silly editorial and a silly time to write it.

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