Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Lies From Udall's Allies

The Rip Van Winkle of conservative sites, Colorado Senate News, may be awakening from its annual eight month's slumber.

Last year, we thought it the best political blog site in Colorado. The liberals had nothing that compared. Then the legislative session ended and so did the need to keep the site up. This year, it is off to a slow start.

Senate Republicans are up in arms over a Bill Ritter nominee to the Public Utilities Commission who hates coal powered electric power plants:

Lawmakers are challenging Environment Colorado Executive Director Matt Baker's fitness for his new post given his lengthy history of fighting coal-fired power plants--which generate fully 80 percent of Colorado's electricity...

Why would we be writing about this here? Simple, it is another example of an environmentalist being willing to lie to the public to push his agenda:

Baker appeared to be retreating from his stance against coal last week after his pending appointment set off a barrage of criticism. He told the Denver Post, "We can't be anti-coal or anti-natural-gas and expect us to meet our power needs."

Yet, his previous statements to the press and the public as well as his activist organization's own Website reveal strident opposition to the use of coal in power...

Under the headline, " Fighting Coal Plants," Environment Colorado's fall 2005 newsletter boasts, "Cleaning up dirty, coal-fired power plants and preventing new ones from being built is a top priority for Environment Colorado."

The organization's Website devotes page after page to promoting an anti-coal agenda, in one case pointing to an advertising campaign in the New Yorker magazine that included the pronouncement, "THERE IS A ‘SILVER BULLET’ FOR SOLVING GLOBAL WARMING… NO MORE COAL."
Mark Udall routinely lies about his environmentalist agenda, to the point where we have established a label "Udall as a Liar." Randy Udall, Mark's brother wrote a long argument against oil shale recovery and was quite willing to lie, sometimes in the same paragraph with information he, himself provided that showed he was making false arguments. We are in the process of tearing that series of environmental lies apart elsewhere. Now, we have this guy. What is it about environmentalists that they can't be truthful?

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