Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Udall on Legal Ethics Reform?

This author just wrote a long essay promoting legal ethics reform on thecoloradoindex. It was titled Roe Will Be Law Forever, Suck It Up.

It contained the following passage:

Roe v Wade came about because of the actions of a few secular judges who were raised up in their professional life in an environment where the Constitution was not seen as democracy's shield. It had become and remains liberalism's sword. Liberals believe that the ends justify the means.

That brings us to our question for Mark Udall:

If the upbringing of children can impact their life's choices, why would an unethical upbringing of lawyers not also impact their choices as judges? Do you support getting rid of unethical lawyers as early in their career as possible, before they can be nominated to be judges?

We'd bet not.

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