Friday, January 25, 2008

Folks Back East Less Pessimistic

Real Clear Politics has been pessimistic about Bob Schaffer's possibilities for months. They follow the conventional wisdom of the folks back east. The folks back east spend a lot of time studying their navels and not much else. Scary.

Today, they are a bit less pessimistic. They have published an optimistic John Ensign quote, which is equally scary. This will be a close race:

Colorado is a potentially vulnerable state for Republicans due to the retirement of incumbent Senator Wayne Allard, and the state's recent penchant for voting Democratic. Bush carried the state by just 5 points in 2004, after defeating Gore in 2000 by 9 points. According to the most recent polls, the race between former Republican Congressman Bob Schaffer and Democratic Congressman Mark Udall will likely be close, but Ensign said he still expects Schaffer to win.

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