Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cara Degette Claims It's Not News

There is a strong suspicion abroad that Colorado Confidential is partially funded by Tim Gill and George Soros, directly or indirectly, so it comes as no surprise that Cara Degette would be downplaying the secret memo exposed by Lynn Bartels.

If you want to watch the big blue lie machine in full spin mode, read her editorial. It isn't a story, it is an editorial.

Then go down and read the comments. Sheep lover Wendy Norris opines as to how happy she is that some folks who disagree are racking up the visits and page counts. We found this to be a curious comment from a supposedly highly successful site, so we looked at the site meter (it's open, not password protected).

The site is designed so that each visitor must rack up at least two page hits, and the average number of page views per visitor is 1.9. Since they installed their site meter, they have averaged just under 1500 visitors and 3000 page views per day. It's not that impressive, given the hype. We'll help them with a link.

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