Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Year's Resolution?

One of the challenges of writing for multiple blogs is the need to keep the topics somewhat separate. If we wrote on the same topic at all of the blogs every day, there wouldn't be a lot of point in readers skipping from blog to blog to see what we've written.

Today, as we contemplated what we might put on the Colorado Index tomorrow, we realized that we owe our readers part 2 of our critique of Randy Udall's claim that no one should exploit the Colorado and Utah oil shale because it supposedly won't make them money. We called the piece "We've Decided It's In the DNA - Part 1."

So, what is in the Udall family DNA? The willingness to tell whoppers to advance their green causes. We've caught Mark Udall lying multiple times, to the point that we have a "Udall as a Liar" label.

As we thought about the subject, we came to realize that we haven't heard quite so many new whoppers since the new year. We were wondering if the Democrats have decided that telling obvious lies isn't in their interest. Did they adopt a resolution for the new year? Time will tell.

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