Friday, January 18, 2008

Bob Schaffer on Independent Thinking

If you want to know why Bob Schaffer is giving Mark Udall a really good run for his money, watch the repeat of Independent Thinking tonight on KBDI at 5:30.

The performance wasn't flawless, but it was close. We have yet to see Mark Udall in a similar format, but it is hard to see how Udall will be able to top Schaffer's effervescent personality and positive politicking style and message.

If Mark Udall comes across as a liar in the multiple posts that we have observed his untruthfulness, Bob Schaffer came across last night as totally honorable. Other than Wayne Allard, he is the only Federal Colorado office holder who kept his term limits pledge. It will be interesting to see if Udall can top that story. We'd bet that he cannot. We'd bet he won't even try.

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