Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Faux Candidate

Colorado Confidential makes it sound as though the Mark Benner candidacy for the Democrat nomination for US Senate is designed by Benner to make Mark Udall look "centrist," and nothing more.

Benner isn't sure his party's progressive wing is as energized or hopeful as it was in 2004. He said he will serve as the progressive opposition to [ Mark ] Udall's more centrist positions in a primary if he gets the required 30 percent of state assembly votes. If not, he will forgo the route of collecting signatures to force his way on to the primary ballot.

If the purpose is to make Mark Udall seem centrist, it has already backfired. The Denver Post, as our fellow bloggers pointed out yesterday called Udall "solidly liberal" in response to the Benner candidacy. Those are words it will find it difficult to take back.

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