Monday, January 7, 2008

Some Days are Diamonds

Today was stone. It started when we thought, mistakenly, that today was the second Monday in the new year. We got up early and went on a 150 mile wild goose chase of our own making.

Then we chanced to take our once weekly or so trip to Liberal and Loving It. Some days he is on solid ground, and some days he is in a swamp. His suggestion that...

We need to power cars from electricity (which in practice probably means hydrogen). Not existing ones but set a plan where all new cars starting in 1 - 2 years will be hydrogen powered instead of oil or biofuels. not on solid ground. Electric cars, other than ones covered with solar panels, have no range. Today's trip would have been impossible. Hydrogen powered cars actually put out more pollution than today's vehicles.

We know that Mark Udall is always on the lookout for new and fine sounding green fuel mandates. Hopefully, he won't be reading Boulder blog LALI anytime soon. Unfortunately, Mark Udall has previously admitted that Boulder is

“home base for me. This is the touchstone; this is where I take my inspiration.”

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