Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We Post Them As We Find Them - Big 40

The Seminal, a new Ohio left wing blog has decided to take sides. Read this and guess who they picked (drum roll):

Now, after careful research [ mostly conducted by reading Schaffer v Udall ] on the campaigns and personal histories of the two men, I feel comfortable giving my full support to Democratic candidate Mark Udall. Ultimately, the decision was an easy one; the positions on one side attracted as much as the other repelled.

They go on to write about our scoreboard:

The pro-Schaffer blog referred to above thinks painting Udall as a "liberal" will hurt him with Colorado voters, who they believe prefer "moderate" candidates. As such, they're keeping a tally of the different labels that are used to refer to Mark. Their scorecard reads...

One label, however, is conspicuously absent from their scorecard: "progressive." Mark's record distinguishes him from the "liberal" crowd, which includes disappointments like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

He belongs to better company. Mark Udall is a progressive candidate for a country badly in need of progressive leaders, and he enjoys my full support.

We actually do have a label for "progressive" and have used it in the past. A politician who is progressive is farther to the left than "liberal," so we count that label in the "reliably left wing" column. Had the Seminal writer followed the bread crumbs back far enough, he would have discovered our substitution.

We might not have written this elsewhere, but the original purpose of this scoreboard was to prevent both of the two major Denver papers from trying to claim that Udall is a moderate when his own party was celebrating his liberalism. Colorado is cursed with Bill Ritter who is governing of late as a left wing lunatic because the Denver Post scammed the public (or perhaps got itself scammed), telling all comers that he would govern as a moderate. The Post has now referred to Mark Udall as "solidly liberal," so we keep this up for entertainment value and possible future use.

The Mark Udall is not a moderate scoreboard:
extremist 2
reliably left wing 10
liberal 28
moderate 0
conservative (chuckle)

We started this scoreboard when we noticed that liberal blogs and the msm were routinely calling Mark Udall a "liberal," "reliably left wing," and even "extremist." We do not count comments from conservative blogs and we didn't count a comment on a liberal show by a conservative politician. Those who would like to check our methodology can follow the bread crumbs backwards.

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