Monday, January 28, 2008

John Kerry Endorses Mark Udall On Daily Kos

As an aside in a Daily Kos posting decrying the "Swiftboating" of Democrat candidates, John Kerry tossed this comment in:
"I’ll defend people like Mark Udall in a Senate race in Colorado"
What exactly will John "Genghis Khan" Kerry be defending Udall from?
The right-wing has nothing to offer but fear and smears, and they are gearing up to deliver plenty of it. Already we hear of a conservative group with ties to the Bush White House – Freedom’s Watch – that plans to spend a quarter of a billion dollars on this election. I think we all know enough about how the right-wing operates to know that this money won’t go to helping voters make informed choices. That money will go to smearing candidates across America, up and down the ballot.
Republicans spend money on "fear and smears", while well-funded Democrats use their campaign funds for responsible voter education.


So we are adding John Kerry to the list of Udall endorsements--the type of ultra-liberal, Washington-insider, establishment endorsement that "moderates" like Mark Udall can ill-afford.

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