Monday, February 4, 2008

Answering Our Criticism

Our friend David at Liberal and Loving It responded to our criticisms of his debate questions:

A couple of comments on your feedback about the online debate.

1) I went for a number of questions about the person because the candidates stands on the issues are pretty similiar and well covered on their websites.

2) The problem with questions like that is you don't know in advance which ones will strike gold. I discussed my take on the results of each and some worked better than others. The funny thing is, the bucket list question got the most interest.

3) Looking forward 100 years was I thought one of the best questions. No a person in 1900 could not predict Hitler or the arc of Communism. But German & Japanese militarism was a clear issue (see war of 1870) as was the global economy which was well on it's way then, until WWI pushed it back. And I think the answers they had for this question were incredibly good guesses based on what we know today.

I emailed you about seeing if between us we can set up the online debate. Definitely would be fun.

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