Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She is a Nurse, Not a Photographer

We always like to have fun with our fellow bloggers, and when one comes up to make a comment, we oblige by bringing it forward with our reply. Most readers ignore comments, so it is a friendly way to acknowledge other blogger's work and give them a free link.

Today, the Neon Nurse is up. She is a bit liberal for our tastes, but she is a friendly sort, and well meaning, if misguided in her politics, (lol). She made a comment to our Somebody Buy the Man a Comb post:

Be fair, he HAD just come from an earlier meeting at a wind farm. :)

Also, being a guy, you might not know that many women like that tousled look. Harrison Ford has certainly done okay off it!

If nothing else, please blame me as the photog. I'm still learning how to work my new camera.

This author has seen photos of Mark Udall in a committee meeting in congress (another wind farm, we concede) definitely in need of a comb. It has happened often enough that we created a label for it "udall comb your hair." It is not your camera, Susan.

Two private notes: 1. Take your railfan son on the Cumbres & Toltec railroad. He will enjoy it, but bring sun glasses for eye protection. Actually, you and he will enjoy it. Go the whole route.

2. You ought to take a look at the bill we discussed. If you read it carefully, you may not like what you see, especially toward the end. The longer that piece of trash sits in the legislature the more openly anti-public interest it gets. Few care and no one notices.


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Susan the Neon Nurse said...

Thanks for the link. I am sure my uncle and some of my other relatives would agree with you about my misguided politics. :)

The C&T is on our list to ride one of these days. Mike and I did the Silverton a couple of summers back, and enjoyed it immensely. I have a few pics of that, and a lot of Southern Colorado sites, in the photo essay section of my website.

The train part starts here: