Thursday, February 21, 2008

Out-of-Touch: CU Democrat Regents and Boulder Liberal Mark Udall

On a slow news day for the U.S. Senate campaign, attention turns to Rep. Mark Udall's hometown of Boulder, where partisan Democrat regents followed the lead of Left-wing smear groups and voted to deny Bruce Benson the job of University of Colorado president. Fortunately for common sense and the university's fiscal situation, the 6 Republican regents overrode their votes and confirmed Benson.

With this story emerging to show us once again just how out of touch the students and faculty (and the Democrat regents) on the Boulder campus are with mainstream Colorado, we're reminded of Udall's Boulder roots and affinity. After all, his campaign has pretty much resigned itself to the "Boulder liberal" moniker.

If he were really comfortable with the label, though, we might expect Udall to open his mouth to answer any questions about Bruce Benson and the University of Colorado. But we don't see that happening for awhile.

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