Thursday, February 21, 2008

OK, We Don't Have Enough To Do

We've noticed that Taylor West, Mark Udall's spokeswoman has slipped into name calling mode. She has called Dick Wadhams "top below-the-belt attack dog." and twice within the last week called Bob Schaffer an extremist.

Meanwhile, she is trying to claim that the Mark Udall campaign is taking the high road and the Bob Schaffer Campaign is taking the low road:

"Mark Udall will be running his campaign on ideas to move Colorado forward; with Mr. Wadhams on board, we can expect Bob Schaffer's campaign to be one of constant negative attacks, not ideas," said spokeswoman Taylor West.

Schaffer's campaign isn't calling Udall names. Mark Udall's idea is to call Schaffer three names a week as if that will win the election.

If this happens again, we're going to start the Mark Udall as a hypocrite scoreboard. We don't have enough to do.

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